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It has taken 1,000 years, but today a Viking treasure found buried in a field in Galloway can finally be revealed.

In 2014, a metal detectorist made the most important Viking discovery in Scotland for over 100 years when he found around a hundred items from the 9th or 10th century AD.

One of them was the Carolingian’ (West European) vessel we can show you today.

Inside were items which may have been accumulated over a number of generations, objects from across Europe and from other cultures with non-Viking origins.

Richard Welander, our Head of Collections, said:

These stunning objects provide us with an unparalleled insight to what was going on in the minds of the Vikings in Galloway all those years ago. They tell us about the sensibilities of the time, reveal displays of regal rivalries, and some of the objects even betray an underlying sense of humour, which the Vikings aren’t always renowned for!


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