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Have you always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding in a castle? Has the past year made it seem a distant hope?

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted further, larger castle weddings will be back on the agenda. But in the meantime you can still book some of Scotland’s most famous castles for a more cosy celebration of your big day.

Plus, choosing a wedding venue as glamorous as Edinburgh Castle or Stirling Castle means you can marry in the heart of Scottish history, following in the footsteps of kings and queens.

castle entrance with flaming torches either side of a wooden door

Edinburgh Castle

According to research by the Scottish Wedding Directory, in 2018 the average Scottish wedding set couples back an eye-watering £35,674. But it doesn’t have to cost this much!

If you figure out your top priorities for the big day, it can help you choose a budget that works for you – so chat with your partner and think carefully about what really matters to you both.

  • For some people, the outfits will be key – it’s not like we’ve had many opportunities to dress up lately!
  • For others, it’s crucial to have gorgeous photography to help remember the day and share with loved ones who can’t be there.
  • Maybe you want to include some traditional Scottish marriage customs?

And if one of your top priorities is a Scottish castle venue, our weddings team can help create a bespoke package that’s right for you.

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Perhaps all you really care about is having your own piper?

Aesthetics by local designers

At both Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle, we work with some of the finest florists and designers to bring that intimate glow to your day.

With the right lighting, creative florists and considered room sets, you can bring a special and intimate flair to your ceremony and dinner.

tables set with glasses and large bunches of flowers

©Marc Millar

Table Planning

The dreaded table plan can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Can you put Aunt Maggie on the same table as Cousin Jim, or will they create a drama that detracts from your big day? After all, the focus is supposed to be on you!

Fortunately we have a range of rooms suitable for different numbers of guests, and we can make them look so breathtaking that everyone will be too busy documenting the whole thing on Instagram to bicker.

table and chairs covered in white cloth, set for a formal meal

Royal Apartments, Stirling Castle

Dating from the 1700s, the Queen Anne Building in Edinburgh Castle has its own bar area, atrium and hall.  While set in the heart of the historic castle, it has an exclusive use feel to it, so if you’d like a smaller event with fewer guests you’ll feel right at home.

Meanwhile at Stirling Castle we can offer space in the Royal Palace Apartments which are perfect for 30-60 guests (dependent on Covid-19 restrictions).  They also work well for just 20 guests as the stunning adjoining rooms can be used for the ceremony followed by dinner.

Fit for the Future

Looking to the future, we’re excited to be able to offer spectacular large wedding spaces in the Chapel Royal and Great Hall at Stirling Castle once more. With lots of décor, flowers and linens there are so many options to make your special day unique and memorable.

Our expert team is always on hand to discuss your requirements. We’ve created special packages for smaller weddings and have others for larger affairs. You can book ahead now, so whether you want a cosy family affair or a flamboyant fanfare, we’d love to help make your dreams come true.

hall with curved wooden ceiling

Chapel Royal, Stirling Castle

For more information on any of our wedding venues, email our team on

This blog was originally written for Luxury Scottish Wedding and has been updated.


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