two little girls pose with costumed reenactors at Stirling Castle

Looking back to when I was a young child, one of my fondest memories was visiting Historic Environment Scotland sites, in particular Stirling Castle. Walking down the historic steps in my Renaissance-styled dress, I remember feeling free and magical. I wore my own dress, but the castle provided outfits for other children who didn’t have their own. There was a fashion show which was held in the Great Hall and I had fun taking part. I was very proud when I won the first prize for the best outfit.

A young girl wearing a blue Renaissance dress poses with a toy sword and shield in front of a suit of armour

Maya’s award winning dress at the Stirling Castle fashion show. Image © Maya

Over the years, I’ve taken part in lots of seasonal crafting events and made many items. One example is a Victorian cornucopia at Christmas time, which I still use every year to decorate the Christmas tree.

I remember carving a soap bar into a stamp, building a birdhouse with my sister, and participating in and watched a jousting match! All these activities were amusing and memorable.

On every visit, we would tour the castle and explore the lives of the Scottish monarchs. We would visit The Royal Chambers, The Great Hall, The Palace Vaults and The Great Kitchens, whilst I played dress up. We would also always take a leisurely stroll through the castle gardens. One of my favourite parts about exploring Stirling Caste was the staff-dressed historic people, knights and princesses, I could meet on the way.

Two little girls in princess dresses pose with adults re-enactors in costume.

Maya and her sister meeting some re-enactors at Stirling Castle. Image © Maya

Get out and about in Stirling this Easter!

This Easter in Stirling, two exciting events are coming up.

You and your family can celebrate National Unicorn Day by meeting unicorns Princess and Tinkerbell. The Unicorn event includes storytelling, unicorn hunts and a dress-up competition for the children! Put on your most magical costume for a chance to win a prize!

A person dressed in historical costume standing in front of a small pony with a prop horn attached to it to look like a unicorn.

Pumpkin the unicorn at Stirling Castle with the keeper of unicorns Sir Alastair Brodie. © Rob McDougall

Operation: Broken Feather is a family-friendly exhibition which shines a light on the plight of the corncrake. Can you help save our feathered friend? This fun, educational experience requires problem-solving and a strong sense of confidence.

Keep up to date with all the events taking place at Stirling Castle this year.

To wrap up, I really recommend making your next trip with your children to Stirling Castle. I remember my time there fondly, so I hope you and your loved ones will too!

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She will soon have completed her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Maya enjoys badminton, tennis, Explorer Scouts, meeting new people and learning languages, including Polish, which she speaks fluently.

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